Sitting down having a coffee, I was wondering what subject I was going to talk to you about this time. We have to admit that the months of October and November are not as exciting as the others.s. 

We are back!

And yes, after several months of not having written anything on the blog, we are back! Several things have changed since then.

This morning is special, very special!

A maple-flavored lunch. Warning! The next few lines might suddenly make you hungry and increase your blood sugar levels just by reading them. We prefer to let you know! It would now be a shame if you interrupted your reading which has reached this point.i.

A terrine as a starter! Why not?

Now is the time, yes yes, the time when we realize that we have a far too busy holiday season and that we are missing an entry to

The maple caramel ...

All the reasons are good to put maple on your plate and it is even more when you have a slightly sweet tooth! oops!ps!)

My mom

This is Natacha, my mom, maybe you don't realize it, but she is a SUPER-MOM. Yes like a super hero! A sympathetic, generous and caring woman. 


When we are made to feel smaller than we are, is this what we call bullying?on?

Hmmm ... the decisions!

I must admit it has been a very long time since I wrote to you. Forgive me, but my maples woke up earlier than I could believe and surprisingly have fallen asleep again a few times in the past month or so..


Oh yes! It's been a long time since I wrote on the blog. The reason: the lack of time! Reallynt??)
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The website has had a makeover! Good visit!

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