We are back!

And yes, after several months of not having written anything on the blog, we are back!!

Several things have changed since then.

Some people told us that we were too personal on our site, that we should become more like Amazon and the other greats in the world.

We doubted, we wondered for a long time apart from that and we came to the conclusion that we were not Amazon or anything else, we were US!US!

So here we are talking to you about our projects!

The little sugar bowls have grown! And yes! and take part more and more in the company. Besides, they are working on a project for this fall but I don't have the right to tell you about it!rler 😉 !

Molly is always a part of every project. At least, by observing or sleeping during our work🐶

However, our biggest novelty is anything but maple! We decided to plant haskap in our field!!


plant camerise


There I hear you say whati?

The camerise! A small fruit that looks like an elongated blueberry and that tastes a mixture of blackberries, raspberries but more tangy. Married with maple, it tastes like heaven!!

But beware, everything will only be available in 2 years! Then our patience will be tested lollloll

See you soon, because doubt has made us hesitate, but at the end of the day being ourselves is the thing we do best.

And you, have you ever doubted yourself?

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