Ma maman - La ferme des cent acres

My mom

This is Natacha, my mom, maybe you don't realize it, but she is a SUPER-MOM. Yes like a super hero! A sympathetic, generous and caring woman. 

At school, when I was with my friends, we would talk about our moms and the chores we had to do and yes, at 12 you work a little in the chihi! House. Then my friend starts to complain about her mother. That's when I realized I had the best mom! If I have a problem she can help me, because MY MOM gives me lots of stuff, now I'm just as outgoing and friendly as my mom!a mère!

One evening I decided to googled my family. When I searched for my mom I saw dozens of photos of her. Seeing all these photos made me realize that my mom is famous. She works hard to make our sugar bush better.leure.

If you haven't seen MY MOM, it's on a magazine, yes on the cover! The first thing you see is his hihi face !. Right before the magazine was published, my mom was supposed to do a photoshoot. She asked me if I wanted to choose the best photo. When my mother showed me this one, I found it inspiring in this photo, her gaze made us want to continue our dreams. Wow! She is magnificent!agnifique!

 MEF DSC 5055 modif

photo credit: Marie-Ève Falardeau


Little word for you mom: I love you, you are so kind and friendly, later I want to be as inspiring as you. Keep working hard it seems..


Lyana Leblanc, the sugar bowle

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