Le meilleur des deux mondes - La ferme des cent acres

The best of both worlds

It's always exciting to bring forward a great collaboration between two passionate producers, especially when the latter, although different, end up coming together.r.

For their love of flora and fauna. Well, we got caught up in our own game, since we now have the pleasure of collaborating with a gold producer - and not because that's the color of her delicious nectar! You see me coming, don't you!s?! 

 Last year we launched our latest product without too much fanfare. We always had in mind these questions: How to please everyone without having to worry about it How to create a perfect combination of such a good mixturenge?

We hope you have your mouth watering now, since that's what will happen when you taste the perfect match: the meeting of maple syrup and honey. One of our favorite products, soft on the palate and easy to spread. It will also go well with all sauces, dressings, cocktails and marinades. All you need is your imagination to appreciate it at its true value. Any reason will be good to add it to your recipe!cette!

Léramiel is therefore a 100 local product born from a marriage betweentre Annie and her bees and our precious maples.

And how would you get it?on?

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