The maple caramel ...

All the reasons are good to put maple on your plate and it is even more when you have a slightly sweet tooth! oops!ps!)

To appear for the most fantastic mother in the whole world, nothing could be easier! A simple presentation of local fresh fruit preferably! with a magic touch.e ».

In the fall, there are still plenty of them, strawberries, berries, apples, peaches, etc. The secret A little barely warmed maple caramel coulis on the juicy fruits! You will be the queen of the evening! So much so that they will try to taste it again for lunch the next day, it seems that on pancakes and waffles, it is not refused! pas!

Raphaël, 6 years old, professional taster: It tastes like caramel, but with a maple flavor! Well, that's exactly it!nt ça!

Why not make an insignificant dessert totally delectable with this maple-flavored caramel to throw on the floor Vanilla ice cream topped with maple caramelble?

We meet for a sundaee?

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