Hmmm ... the decisions!

I must admit it has been a very long time since I wrote to you. Forgive me, but my maples woke up earlier than I could believe and surprisingly have fallen asleep again a few times in the past month or so..

There is also that we have made changes and taken decisions in order to be able to continue our mission. eh you do not know what our mission is Go to our site it is indicated hihihihihi)

For the past few months, I have to make choices, make good decisions! where is she going with it everyone makes decisions and we don't necessarily write about it! Well, there are two kinds of decisions in my opinion, that of the heart I adore them and that of the head I would say that they are sometimes synonymous with a necessary evil. I tell you:aconte :

Since we have the maple grove, I don't like the color of the cabin. Okay ok, I'm a bit cliché, but I would like it to be on the butter jars and syrup canes, but it's not ... it is varte ah! It can't be that bad ... I invite you to watch our video on If I listened to my heart, I would free up part of the budget to change the exterior siding. In the end, would our products be any better I don't think so I made the decision on my mind and we invested in it instead! à la place!

Another example, which I was teased a lot during the sugar season this year, is the decision I had to make between changing vehicles or buying a new osmosis!se!


IMG 2571

I have to admit that my new vehicle wouldn't make me better syrup. After days of mental torture must be said..

I had to tame my new best friend. It may not have the rear view camera and the radio, but on the other hand, it allows us to sleep better and make production more efficient.  

I don't know if it's the fact that we have a business whether I'm getting older or the mix of the two, but the decisions of the head take up more space than that of the heart!!

However, do not forget, I am stubborn, well I can already see smile hihihi I will succeed in having what my heart wants. Everything in its time! you see mom that I remember what you said to me younger!e ! )

Save the heart once in a while, it feels good. Oh yes by the way, by writing to you I just received a self-submission by email wink

Well I go back to my maples, they are flowing freely. We'll talk to each other again after the sugaring season!

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