This morning is special, very special!

A maple-flavored lunch. Warning! The next few lines might suddenly make you hungry and increase your blood sugar levels just by reading them. We prefer to let you know! It would now be a shame if you interrupted your reading which has reached this point.i.

It's Sunday morning, it's still dark and the counters are already full of dishes, bowls, a whisk, flour, utensils. The oldest on his bench vigorously stirs the mixture. The youngest, in her leggy pajamas, sitting on the counter, breaks eggs, but do you know what smells good and everyone is happy!eux!

The only Christmas music was missing and we would have thought we were during the holiday season, instead it's Paw Patrol in the background.n.

The slightly dry toasts and the soft cereals of the week are immediately abandoned and forgotten for this morning. This morning is special, very special. We taste our pancakes, but not ordinary pancakes with maple syrup, oh no! We have improved them! Spread with our secret maple butter !, garnished with children's fruit and rolled up to better pour our traditional maple syrup. We felt so festive that we dared to sprinkle a little granulated maple sugar to end the presentation of our royal lunch. royal.

In two steps three movements the lunch was finished and the smiles appeared on the lips of my children. We will talk about pancakes to Nat for a long time! This is how my kids called them!!

Now we have dishes to wash for the rest of the morning!

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